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No decade matches 70 s for diversity and richness of play a top
Baseline flat strokes like Connors,Rosewall,Gerulaitis,Kodes
Artists like Rosewall,Nasty,Santana,Orantes,Panatta and we can fit in here Mayer and Amriteaj
All round genious like Laver,Nastase,Mc Enroe and other secondary guys like Ramirez or Gerulaitis as well as Okker and Lutz
Top spin machines such as Borg,Vilas and other guys like Dibbs,Solomon,Hugueras and Barazutti
High quality serve and volley with Smith,Ashe,Roche,Newcombe
Tanner,Gottfried,Stockton,Pecci, Panatta
And a great supporting cast with Fibak,Cox,Alexander,Dent,Franuliovic,Pilic,Taylor, Lloyd,Kriek,Clerc,Gildem.,
Gimeno,Richey,Riessen,Gorman,Metrevali,Gisbert,Fle ming,Teacher,Scanlo,Edmondson and Bertolucci, and I am leaving aside some names
No other decade was richer except maybe the 50' s and even that with less depth
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