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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
It's a huge irony of course that all of us who wanted the dreaded 4-4-2 dispensed with (as favoured majorly by Redknapp) this season, were, come the Arsenal game, begging for AVB to go 4-4-2.

The sending off massively changed it up (the one team you don't want to be down to 10 men against is Arsenal), but, as others have noted, Spurs were looking pretty damn good prior to Ade's red card.

That said, with eleven players on the pitch, we've looked pretty damn good plenty of times this season for half a match or so, only to become utterly over-run. AVB's tactics and substitutions have to also be questioned somewhat.

Ultimately 4-4-2 isn't what I want to see, but, for now and minus the players we need to achieve something Porto-like or whatever, we'll accept anything that keeps us in shooting distance of that CL 4th spot.
You'll be wanting Redknapp back before long then?

I think you need a great striker to play the 4-2-3-1, Defoe is probably a bit small and is mainly there for finishing. The villan of Saturday can do it, but as we saw, he's not someone you can trust

Same for Chelsea really, Torres does well in the build up, but he can't score. I think both teams have everything needed to play the formation, apart from a main man at the top.
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