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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
But the ending was gloomy

the ending was 100% Home Alone style
Bond planting trapps all over the house and waiting for the villains to come
what? he doesnt have a cell phone to call his friends at MI6 for help?
and what was that back stabbing in the end? not very bond style, no?

watched it yesterday... on Imax
what a waste of time, dont believe the hype, skyfall is the worst Bond ever IMO
here are my arguments:

1. what happened to that stolen agent list?

2. open court meeting with MI6 and the press: yes of course it happens all the time and the press is invited...

3. the villain's LOL escape, lame and stupid. At first Bardem seems a great villain, just to appear plain stupid on the second half of the movie

4. Bond could have called for backup when Silva arrived at the end. But of course, there's no cell phone in Scotland!

5. how did bond survive that fall in the beginning? and the shot? who and how was he saved? no explanation whatsoever

6. the bond girl gets killed? Bond doesnt care at all, no reaction...

7. Bond follows a criminal, lets him go into a building and kill 3/4 people before fighting him. no very Bond

8. Stupid and predictable script: "Only 6 people in the world can write this code" Bond "can you break it" Q "I invented it"
I laughed so hard at this

bad script, horrible plot, stupid conclusion and most important: they transformed James Bond into a stupid character
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