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Tension used for playtest: 56lbs, one piece strung
Regular string set up: Solinco Tour Bite in mains, Gosen OG sheep crosses
Racquet brand and model used for test: ProKennex Silver Ace 90
Power of test string: Average on groundstrokes, it would have been more powerful if I had dropped a few pounds. On serves and volleys they were just the right amount of power.
Feel: Great feel when at net or hitting half-volleys.
Spin: Great on spin, I liked how the regular rounded 17g was able to produce almost as much spin as I usually get with my squared shaped Solinco Tour Bite. On groundstrokes I had to adjust my strokes so I hit more outwards than up.
Comfort: It was pretty stiff, however it was my fault for not adjusting the tension a little lower because I know how these sorts of polys feel in the racquet. Didn't hurt my wrist or anything.
Durability: Durability is pretty average, it broke on the second/third week of playing with it. As usual it was due to notching, so a off center hit wouldn't break these. For a 17g it had pretty good durability.
Playability Duration: The first session with the newly strung racquet was stiff and took a little hitting to get it to a more comfortable feeling. The tension didn't drop too much with this 17g string, so I was happy how it played well during the last week of playing.
Control: On groundstrokes the control was great, cross court forehands were my favorite shots with these strings. On volleys I could redirect the ball pretty easily, but on the lower volleys I had some trouble getting it where I wanted it to go. On serves they went where I wanted them to, excellent on the slice serves.
Compare to the string you use most often: Less spin, slightly less comfortable, and didn't quite have the power I usually get with my hybrid.
Tension recommendations: I would definitely drop the tension at least 2 lbs, it would have played a lot better in my opinion at lower tensions.
Likes: I liked the tension maintenance and the control on groundstrokes.
Dislikes: I didn't quite like the stiffness, but again it would definitely have played better in my opinion if I had dropped a few lbs in tension or hybridized it with a softer cross.
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