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When I was talking to the pro when the league was over (he's the one giving me lessons), he said he noticed some improvements, but that since I've been working on specific things every session (worked on backhand slice, forehand, volley's, footwork), I haven't really integrated/merged everything together in my game which can be right since I take my lessons on saturday and go straight into the league on sunday to try to "digest" what I learned the previous day. I need to play more, but i'm struggling with my work schedule lately, in the summer it's easy to drive to the local park and practice after work, but in the winter here, my indoor club is 30 KM away from home, so it ain't as easy.

As I said before, the first 2 matches were against some people I had already beaten before. My last result against them were 2 wins 4-3 and 6-2 and that was before I had taken lessons. Now I loose 6-1 and 6-4 respectively, in my mind that's not coherent.
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