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Originally Posted by chrischris View Post
Most of this sounds ok.
How do you make it happen?
It looks to me it isnt. Why not?
Ask, and it will be given. We receive not, for we ask not. People want the wrong things. Most people get consumed by things they want carnally (wealth, selfish ambition, status etc.) and not by the things that really matter. (Relationships, love, time etc.)

God made it simple: love Him > love others as we love ourselves. Loving Him, will help us to truly love others. If we know how to love ourselves (identity, and not in a self worship kind of way), we can also know how to love others. - I struggle with this myself. Instead, society has become "self focused" (guilty myself). If God is love, we will only know love, if we know the author of love. In this world we will have many troubles, but He has overcome the world, and with Him in us, we can do the same. The natural progression of things, is to die - everyone will die...everyone will have trouble. No one is exempt. But with God, there is hope - and the pain is shared and the pain will have purpose - for this we need trust. Only when the supernatural comes in our lives, can we live eternally through the supernatural.

Why is it not happening? Its happening more than we may have expected (China, South Korea). There are more believers now on earth, than ever before (population the result) Will it ever be enough? No...I think most of us will regret the lost - even one lost, can be seen as "many lost". People drowning, cannot be forced to climb into the boat when they are swimming away - and their choice is their freedom to choose. But does everyone know the truth? I think we should rather ask the question of what do those that DO know, do with it? God will deal with those who don't.
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