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I definitely enjoy better feel with some of the 17 ga. options of strings I've tried, but I also have found that thinner strings can soften up a bit before they break down and snap. I've been quite happy with the softness of my Volkl C10's for a few years, but there seems to be that constant tradeoff to consider in terms of balancing feel and performance. A 17 ga. syn. gut may have really nice feel for me, but I run it a bit tighter than 16 ga. syn. gut to keep it from getting soft too quickly.

Lately I've had good luck with softer 16 ga. syn. gut offerings from both Tecnifibre and Gosen, but I've also used some multi's in my racquets, including RIP Control and X-1 Biphase. To get both the better feel of a thinner string along with some degree of control, I'd say you'd be smart to sample a couple of 17 ga. syn. guts. Softer options might include Gosen, Prince's original stuff (non-Duraflex), Forten... The syn. guts just don't seem to turn spongy for me in the same way that the multi's can.

You might even consider a simply hybrid of RIP Control in your crosses with a thin syn. gut in your mains. I doubt that your feel would be altered too much and the syn. gut could probably offer a mild bump in the control department.
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