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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Sounds coherent to me.

I'm a 4.0, and I see a lot of people who are afraid to change/improve their game because it means they will lose matches they could have won. If you are adding these new tools to your game, it makes sense that you will stall a bit before you start seeing benefits.

If you can learn to take the net effectively, you won't be sorry.
My next 2 lessons are all about my net game. Just doing some drills Saturday, the pro say's I have excellent reflexes so my net game should be better than what it is, but my technique is awful. Years ago, I used to play great at the net until I switched my grip to the standard continental grip. Since then I've been "shanking" volley's left and right and never getting it right. I know continental is the way to go but it feels so unnatural to me, I haven't developped a feel for it, particularly on the forehand side. When you always miss easy volley's and/or get passed, mentally you tell yourself OK I don't want to give away freebies like that, so I sort of resorted to staying in my comfort zone in the baseline, but it seems I can't properly finish points lately.
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