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Originally Posted by Roddick85 View Post
My next 2 lessons are all about my net game. Just doing some drills Saturday, the pro say's I have excellent reflexes so my net game should be better than what it is, but my technique is awful. Years ago, I used to play great at the net until I switched my grip to the standard continental grip. Since then I've been "shanking" volley's left and right and never getting it right. I know continental is the way to go but it feels so unnatural to me, I haven't developped a feel for it, particularly on the forehand side. When you always miss easy volley's and/or get passed, mentally you tell yourself OK I don't want to give away freebies like that, so I sort of resorted to staying in my comfort zone in the baseline, but it seems I can't properly finish points lately.
Hang in there. Here, I'll help motivate you.

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