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Originally Posted by JRstriker12 View Post
IMHO- I think Treyarch got BLOPS2 right. Controls feel good and and while it's not as slow as BLOPS1 it isn't as insane fast as MW3.

The Pick 10 system is great- love how it gives you total control of your loadout. Perks and weapons attachments are more simple than in MW3. You do have to "purchase" them using unlock tokens as you level up.

I'm down with less grenade spam - in fact most of my loadouts don't have grenades so I can run extra perks using the wild cards. Another point is that some people may be running flack jacket.

I was on briefly Sat morning, but didn't get to play much after that.

BTW- Don't diss the pea-shooters. Word on the street is that the Semi-Machine Guns (PDW, MP7) are the way to go and that the Assault Rifles are under powered. You can do damage with a PDW with Laser sight.
I hate that laser sight attachment. Maybe I don't know how to use it. I love that reflex sight looking thing that is part of the heavy gunner preset. It puts a red x on all your possible targets. Assault rifle reloads is slow even with fasthands perk. I double clip on my weapons now. Lodeship scorestreak is insane. I always end up ending in death using the Death Machine scorestreak.

My must have wildcard is that overkill feature, gives me two primary weapons. I really miss that "Slight of Hands," perk in BlOps 1. I am happy they brought back bouncing betty's, I thought it's better than the claymores, although I think I still see it. One of my fav moves is have players chase me and I throw a bouncing betty in front of me and have them step on it. Explosion spam on that thing is pretty effective. It's pretty much has the same "**** off your opponent," effect as a drop/lob on someone or bouncing the ball 58 times before serving on the courts.

Happy also to see shotguns are alot better now. Don't see a point why we need reflex sights attachment with shotguns.

I put in 3 hours this weekend on Nuketown 2025. Got up to lvl 35 now. Double XP helping me out alot. btw, u got a friend request waiting on your xbox. I am playing this while running on my elliptical nowadays. I figure I'll juice my stat's first before going to other maps. Nuketown without crazy/insane/unreasonable grenade spam saddens me. No more free pts as I am one of those hated crazy grenade lobbers. =(

I got destoryed in MW3. I sold it on CL 3 days after released. I can't hang with the ppl there. I had a 0.33 kill rate. It was way too complicated and the maps were not very friendly

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