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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
I'm a lefty. Played in 12-14 A/Open tourneys in the SanFrancisco area back in the late '70's.
Every lefty is different, just like righties. Some hit consistent strong forehands, other's don't. There is no general rule except to probe the backhand first and foremost, then if that isn't working, probe the forehand.
Most lefties seem to be athletic all courters, not all. So they tend to get bored quickly if you hit high deep balls up the middle. Me, of course.
You know where their backhands are, so serve there if you want a weaker, more consistent return.
Federer hits a fine inside out forehand vs Nadal and Meltzer, but they get there oftentimes.
Watch your backhand on their serves, especially the ad court wide serve, either first or second.
Good defense against speed and athleticism? Hit behind them.
I thought you were a lefty by reading your posts.

I'm a lefty too. basically the R against L strategy is the same as L against R. So my tactics against a righty is the same as the tactics a righty should be the same.

the biggest thing in that matchup is the CC rallies. in tennis CC is the most common shot for a lot of reasons. but in contrast to and RR matchup you will always have FH vs BH and vice versa. so each of the CC rallies usually is an advantage for one player. both players try to get that FH to BH matchup especially since lefties often have better FHs (probably because they play it more often since righties are used to hit to that side).

however sometimes that approach can backfire when you don't realize quickly enough when an opponent has a stronger BH side.
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