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I have not posted a review yet because I am having a little more trouble adapting than I thought I would.

Right now I am having issues with the lack of mass in the head. Its leading to my backhand not getting good depth and power and my volleys at net suffering badly.
When at net any time a good hard or spinny shot is directed at me my volley is very sub par. The pace and spin of shot combined with very little mass in head of racquet make good aggressive volleys difficult.

I also have been trying to play with the Wilson Sensation full bed it shipped with and have found control and spin difficult. I am not going to blame this on the racquet yet because I normally play with a hybrid and put poly in the mains. I plan on restringing this racquet with my normal string setup and then seeing if the spin and control improve.

The biggest benefit of the racquet so far (in comparison to my Dunlop Bio 200 lite) is the serve. I have found (and been told by my teammates) that my serve speed/power goes up significantly with the Wilson vs. the Dunlop. I have also found it very easy to control my serve so in addition to more power I am getting a higher % of first serves in too.

I will post a full review once I play with my regular string setup and that likely wont happen until after the Thanksgiving holiday.

I do agree with newton296 that even though its a 16x20 the frame seems to have a dense string bed the way its spaced.

I can also say that no matter what strings I use that I am going to need to add some lead into the head of this racquet if I want volley well with it and get my backhand back.
Racquet: Wilson PS97 String: Prince syn gut @55lbs in mains, ISOSPEED Baseline Control 16 @50lbs in crosses
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