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Originally Posted by Xisbum View Post
Sacrifice the "L" in Paul and call yourselves MonkeyPaus.

And Condy was/is as heterosexual as Sarah Palin, and 20 times as smart. You gotta trust me on this one.
So you are saying at one point she was into dudes, but is now no longer? I guess I trust you to confuse me.

Palin was smart at making herself a celebrity, and making her daughter a relevenat celebrity for like 2 motnhs. Sarah just didnt go full blown kardashian and have her daughter release a sex tape with a 2d rate rapper to reach superstardom status.

Tahts and Bristol doesnt have a huge booty and big fake boobs. Bristol is not Condy type, but you can bet Condy sees kim in that those tight dresses and think to herseld "if I only had some time alone with her I would totally take a crack at that"

But I have enver seen Condy wear a WNBA jersey before so she could very well hetero just not wanting to pump out kids and stuff.
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