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Originally Posted by ninman View Post
If you don't know The Beach Boys Catalogue then you aren't really able to say if it was great or not. However to satisfy your small mind, here we go.

Please Let me Wonder, Good to My Baby, Kiss Me Baby, When I Grow Up (To be a Man), Help Me Rhonda.
Help me Rhonda? Boy, that was some ground-breaking stuff. I bet the Beatles were shaking in their boots when they heard that one...

I'm sure I've heard almost everything the Beach Boys have done at one time or another, but I can't help it if I can't remember unmemorable songs.

Originally Posted by ninman View Post

You honestly think that Somebody to Love is not as good as Bohemian Raphosdy?
Nope. It suffers a problem that's often found in Queen songs: Not the most pleasant sound on any level. It's not the worst song in the world -- it' not like we're talking REM or RHCP or anything -- but there is something abrasive about it.

Originally Posted by Timbo's hopeless slice View Post

he called me kid, lol, probably because I named a couple of bands he considers 'modern'. Never mind that both have had longer recording and performing careers than The Beatles and are (gasp) still together. (and enormously successful both in terms of commercial success and critical acclaim.
Are you the Radiohead and Muse kid? Ah yes. Two of the greats... Yup. Beatles, Stones, Radiohead, and Muse. The final four of rock and roll!
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