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Hi Big Kahuna,

Super cool, thanks. I've sorted and ranked all of those suggestions by stiffness, and worked them into the big list on the opening post. The Yonex string looks promising. I'm thinking that it must be new? Either that, or it somehow slipped past my search criteria.

Hi Power Player,

Yeah man, I remember you used co focus as well, from our days hanging in the black drive club. There is a a whole lotta love for 4G going around. The tension matainenance numbers are amazing, no argument there. But I just double checked and it's in the 270's for stiffness. (see my opening page post) The softest polys are 160's and the stiffest in the 330's. I know the lab data can be deceiving, but with 300+ polys on the market, I need some way to whittle that down to something more manageable shopping list. It's hard to ignore stiffness digits like that when comfort is my top concern. In addition, 4G was in all of the Wilson racquets at the big demo event, and I came home super sore after just two hours of hitting. I'm not going anywhere near that string. Regarding Black Magic, I'm going to give that a try at some point. Thanks again.

Hi Bad_Call,

Eew, not a Mitt fan here. Will work to adjust any trace of his patter in my posts lol.

My Thoughts on "Dead" String

Despite all the attention this phenomena gets around here, there is no agreement whatsoever among players regarding what "dead" string actually is. I've observed this means different things to different people. Some will report strings are "dead" when control becomes problematic. Some will say it's when power diminishes due to decreased elasticity. Conversely, some will say that it's when the stringbed loses so much tension that it becomes "a rocket launcher". Still others will say it's dead when the arm starts to feel it. It appears to be very personal concept. Meanwhile, back in the lab, the folks who study tennis physics for a living have no freaking idea why we say any of these things.

Personally, (as a doubles specialist hitting the ball about 1/2 as many times as you singles guys) I will snap any full multi nylon in 10 hours or less. I will get 20-30 hours of doubles out of a full bed of 16 gauge gut before snapping the crosses. I don't really play full poly, except for a brief stint with Black Widow 18 and BHBR 17. I get at least 30 hours of good play out of 17g Gut mains with Co-focus 17L.

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