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Originally Posted by tennismonkey View Post
tennischemist -- i'll sell you mine. $25. superb condition. holds 3 racquets plus your laptop.

paulman -- if we are still super awesome 4.0's - let's dominate both the 40+ league and the 18+ league as team monkeypaus. you can be thunder and i'll be lightning. only i'm not as fast as lightning so i'm more like a tropical depression. Thunder & Tropical Depression 2013. Bringing rain and depression to a court near you.

Auzzie -- i'm sorry i missed your visit. i see now that i have been relegated to the not quite good enuff to hit with the king of sandbags list. now i'm tropically depressed.
Nice bag TM...I prolly don't need

Haha way too funny dude! It will definitely sound like Thunder when I move this un-Godly mass that I'm carrying around! You're plenty fast (and silent) Lightning!

Yeah, I wasn't good enough for the King of Sandbags either - I just decided to crash the party since I knew where they were hitting! I had heard he was hitting unbelievably so I came out and tested the King with some tough DEEP pokes (twss) into the corners and he had no trouble repeatedly digging them back. No lie - the King is standing tall.
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