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Originally Posted by tennismonkey View Post
tennischemist -- i'll sell you mine. $25. superb condition. holds 3 racquets plus your laptop.

paulman -- if we are still super awesome 4.0's - let's dominate both the 40+ league and the 18+ league as team monkeypaus. you can be thunder and i'll be lightning. only i'm not as fast as lightning so i'm more like a tropical depression. Thunder & Tropical Depression 2013. Bringing rain and depression to a court near you.

Auzzie -- i'm sorry i missed your visit. i see now that i have been relegated to the not quite good enuff to hit with the king of sandbags list. now i'm tropically depressed.

CB / Wookie -- Lunch wednesday?

everyone -- what's for lunch now?
I'm working remotely from the outskirts of Endor Wed. Try lunch Tuesday???
Ludacris: My chick bad! Tell me if you seen her. She always brings the racket like Venus and Serena!
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