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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Yeah, this thread is weird. The docs on it seem to be treating ibuprofen like a horrible risk.

Yet my two different OS and a sports podiatrist don't seem nearly so alarmed about Ibuprofen and have prescribed it. It seems like a fairly ordinary tool in their tool kit.

I guess my doctors are dummies.
From your other posts, it is apparent you use ibuprofen only occasionally, and are very reasonable in your dosing.

You have discussed this with your doctors and therapists.

The big concern is that there are many out there that use ibuprofen to play through tennis elbow, shoulder and knee pain.

Not only do they play rather than rest with these conditions, but they find they need ibuprofen on a daily basis just to make it through the day on their job and other activities.

Ibuprofen is a pretty good pain reliever and will allow them to continue to make their overuse injuries worse and worse.

There also is a fairly widespread belief that ibuprofen is not only controlling their pain, but reducing the inflammation that is the source of their pain.

So some will take ibuprofen every time they play or work out thinking they are preventing harmful inflammation.
And if they have some residual soreness, they will continue taking ibuprofen for the duration.
There just is no proof that ibuprofen meaningfully changes the course of inflammation after exercise. And if it did, it would probably take fairly high dosages, the type that can get people into trouble, to do so.
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