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Originally Posted by danotje View Post
Well, got to hit with the 17g Cyclone Tour tonight. I used Iso Baseline Spin as the cros so that I could get 2 jobs out of a pack and still get the spin this string is supposed to produce.

Initial impression: this string is very soft! The IBS is already a soft poly, and the Cyclone Tour felt right at home with it. Some people complain that it is too powerful, but it fits my game like a glove. Very plush, yet crisp feel. I felt like I was in complete control of the ball the whole time. Spin was pretty sick at first, and then settled down to an above average level. Still really good, but I think the best I've had yet has been BHBR. BHBR just doesn't feel anywhere near as nice. I'm torn between the addicting spin and the lovely comfort.

Baseline shots felt great, and I was ripping the ball off both wings with ease. Knowing I had spin when I need it, I was very confident swinging away on every shot. Volleys were solid. Some floaters, but when I HIT the volley, it felt great. I was nailing swinging volleys from mid court all evening. The spin and power produced some awesome shots. Serves were good, too. Power was decent. Spin was great. Control seemed pin point. All in all, I might pick up a reel of this stuff. I still have BHB7 and regular Cyclone to go, plus I think I'm going to try the other half of BHBR with IBS at 36lbs. That should improve the feel and make things interesting.

Power 7/10
Spin 8/10
Control 7/10
Groundies 10/10
Volleys 7/10
Serves 8/10

I can't comment on durability or tension maintenance yet. This is good stuff, though.
i've heard tons of great things about Cyclone 17g, however, once you play a few hours with them the performance completely bottoms out. have you found this to be true? in other words, it starts as an absolutely awesome string and in no time is average at best.
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