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Default A view that I think is missed...

Originally Posted by 10ismom View Post
Only a fraction of the 128 draw in a national championship tournament aim to go pro. Perhaps only 5-10. The rest of the draws aim to play college or just to compete in the championship to measure themselves against peers from other sections.

If USTA will not help the rest of these dedicated tennis players develop to the next level then....... $63 million worth of scholarships to foreign players will grow bigger each year. that many kids go to the tournaments and are not being scouted but crossed off list. Why? The tourney reveals via 1st round massacres, that their are vast numbers of uncompetitive kids at nationals. Maybe explains why those college coaches then turnaround dole out the spoils of 4.5 scholarships to international players.

All that said, I am not discouraging all of you dedicated tennis parents for working to get what you think is right. I just am buying in that regional development, less travel, more planned player physical/mental growth and development is the efficient pathway for a speculative journey.

If a successful mutiny occurs then the way I've chosen to proceed or endorse if largely unaffected.
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