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Originally Posted by COPEY View Post
The truth is no one can actually help you with your question. Many questions here about strings can only be answered by one person: the user. It's like when someone says "Gosen is great as a cross, but plays poorly as a fullbed." I happen to like Gosen as a fullbed. I don't think it's spectacular by any means, but I string for a guy, who is very much on par with me skill-wise, who does. It's certainly not surprising, however, given its popularity to come across people who don't care for it, who think that those who do are nuts.

It simply depends on the person doing the swinging. The best advice, especially if you string your own, and I get the impression you do, is to make small changes (up or down) until you reach a tension that works for you and your game.
ha ha, i'm kinda proud i fooled ya...
but seriously, i guess i was asking if there's really any use of going down slowly, apart from getting used to low tension?
i mean, if the 50/48 now still feels a bit harsh and lack of feeling, wouldn't it be relatively safe to go at least 5lb down? or even more?
i know i'm the only one who could really know, but still i was hoping for someone who went down with the BHB7 and share some thoughts.
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