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Originally Posted by Alohajrtennis View Post
Now national tournaments are only for those going pro? Did not know that.

If they are following the "Bryan Principle" (you have to beat everyone in you can drive to before you can get on the plane), why not just cut the draws to 17 then and be done with it then ?

Because even they now this is a guideline and a concept, not a rule. Fact is there is no general disagreement on the concept you must earn your way to nationals. We the disagreement is on how often the tournaments should be, how entrance is earned, and how many can earn there way in. Where's George when you need him ?
We know that national tournaments aren't the only way to go pro because scores of amateurs world round become pros without coming to play any USTA tournament first. High class, animalistic tennis can be had without any national tournaments. I have no major dog in this fight for larger or status quo national tournaments. It just does not figure in any equation I have for my children and this sport. We would be playing as a family, striving and sacrificing for this sport regardless.
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