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Originally Posted by Tennusdude View Post
Yes I am old and even though I was a formidable single player who went to National with USTA team. I now only play doubles since my body is old. If I play a singles match, I still do well but need at least a week to recover.

I was referring to doubles for sure! Sorry about that! And many of these guys admit they footfault. I was thinking of these guys in particular who dont think footfaulting matters. For them it wont matter if you call them out when they hit the line since they dont respect the lines. Of course I would warn them in advance. I think its a good deal for them. After all they still get to footfault and many even ace you as long as they dont hit the lines.
I presumed this was about doubles, all of the adult league matches I watch someone always foot faults terribly. This is at 7.0 mixed level, however. When I watch some of the league matches my sister plays in which is an 8.0 or 8.5 league, hardly anyone foot faults and if they do, it wouldn't really matter. Truth be told, unless they're hitting the net a lot versus hitting long, it's not an issue to focus on in my opinion.
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