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CF, the reason why I don't feel that it matters is your last bit. If it's an older player, the odds that they'll go out and work on their lower body coiling for an hour a few times a week until they can improve their serve is next to none. They want to get on court and enjoy the sport. Stepping on the line changes nothing in that regard. If you're in a high level match with legit stakes, then take all you can get. If it's just a league match, they're not going to be like I for instance and take their camera to court and watch themselves hit hundreds of serves just to make sure one tiny detail is ingrained. I did do this with foot faulting. I would lift my left toe up before I bent my knees which often put it over the line. Took a few weeks to get rid of that, but I cannot imagine anyone who just gets off work and wants to hit doing that.
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