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Originally Posted by suwanee4712 View Post
Mandlikova had no preference between forehand and backhand. She did run around her backhand at times to create an angle. But she could just as easily hit winners off either side.

Her forehand was voted best on tour as late as 1985, but her variety on the backhand was exemplary ....slice, topspin, chips, lobs, drop shots, etc. Though many would also say that this was also her weakness leading to poor shot selection.
Yes indeed for Hana had no weakness at all and all her strokes were textbook
Her mind was also textbook...for psicology studies
She moved great and had the best footwork for many years and she had the size and athleticism to dominate
IMO she was like the Lew Hoad of female
Absolute goat matherial wasted in tons
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