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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
kiki, I'm glad that you rank Rosewall No. 1 for 1970 but I must say that Laver won many rather important events. Thus I give him a tied No.1.

I also rank Newcombe Co.-No.1 because he won the most important tournament and reached SF of Forest Hills.
Laver won everything but the majors coming off his best season ever
Imagine Lakers winning the ring and next year picking N1 in the draft

Early 70 are not talked so much here but it is just ad tough as late 50
Newcombe,Ashe,Laver,Rosewall,Roche,Nastase,Smith,O kker,Gimeno,Santana,Lutz and of course Kodes

Better even than Gonzales,Hoad,Trabert,Segura,Sedgman,Olmedo,Anders on,Cooper and Rosewall which is to say a lot
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