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saw this thread through a google alert. Gotta love technology.

Charlie hit the nail on the head. And the OP's point is sound. Some people DO have congenital or trauma-related deviations from the postural blueprint. I'm an example. I was in a near fatal car accident back in 1992. Went form 70 mph to 0 in less than a second. Fractured several bones in my spine, my sternum, lots of soft tissue damage, and on it goes. There is a segment of my spine that is supposed to articulate at least a little bit and does not move at all. So there are some of our exercises where when I do them, it ain't pretty.

The goal with EVERYONE is to bring them back to as close to the postural and functional blueprint as their situation permits. No one has perfect posture, everyone has 'their stuff', but the question is, can it get better? I've yet to meet the person where the answer was no.

Sometimes in people's heads, perfection is the enemy of better. I'm a big fan of better.
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