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I use this recipe

I don't put it in a bucket though. I put the brine in a really big plastic bag and then throw the turkey in the bag with the brine. Then throw the whole thing in the fridge. It's like a giant water balloon, except with brine and a turkey inside.

We adopt the families for X-mas not Thanksgiving. We work with a local charity in DC. This year, all the families come from parents who are veterans. They send the charity a list of what their kids would like (parents too) and we buy the gifts for them. Wrap them up and take them to the charity. We don't deliver them to the families directly.

Sometimes the family just wants clothes, other times they are more specific. Last year the mom said she was going to college to get her Associates Degree so we bought her a laptop. They had twin girls that always wanted to rollerblade so we got them a bunch of stuff for that. I think we got the dad a suit and a nice watch as he was interviewing for jobs.
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