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Originally Posted by OrangePower View Post
1. The type of footfaults you describe (and most footfaults in fact) can be easily avoided by starting the service motion with the feet a few inches behind the line. So I don't think your strategy is going to work.

2. If you can consistently spot that kind of footfault from across the court, then your eyes are much better than mine.
(1) is what I do.

It is not a matter of easy or hard. It is a matter of their state of mind when the fear of footfaulting creeps in. When I have called FF (as a spectator of social matches), I have seen the server throw in fault after fault, even as he tried to keep his feet more back. The rhythm is destroyed, and the mind has been messed with.

(2) I agree. I was talking more about getting a spectator (like me) on the sidelines and put fear into the server's mind, not the opponents calling it.
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