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I'd be curious for Coaching Mastery or anyone to come up with an explanation why 1BH males seem 3x (or more) likely to make it as a pro as a two handers (based on argument made in my prev post).

As for teaching, I agree that it's a shot that's not understood. Both technically and tactically.

If you think the game is all about power, then it's hard to argue a case for the 1BH. However, if you think tennis is a game that requires a lot of different shots and options and situations, then a player with a 1BH could be said to have a 'full set of clubs' versus trying to play Sawgrass with only his woods.

I also think the 1BH has silently had a technical revolution while we were all watching the serves and forehands. I think Ash's pictures show it very well, the racket head is indeed accelerating up and into the ball with much more racket speed that your dad's 1BH. The modern 1BH can deliver that racket speed into pace or spin, but more to the both. The racket speed of Federer/Gasquet/Almagro/Waw etc gives them a lot of options with the shot that the 1BH of old could never imagine.
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