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Originally Posted by 10ismom View Post
You might have missed the experience or your children have not played many tournaments yet. There are massacres in 1st round and deeper at EVERY levels.

Look at your local tournaments, sectionals, ITFs, even at pro levels etc. Many times you might not see competitive matches till the finals.

Nothing is unique to nationals.

The fact that the new schedule will not affect us does not mean that we have to agree or accept it.
...before, I'm not discouraging anyone's advocacy. However, I'm not going to discourage the USTA from innovating and attempting radical change. Nor should people who are optimistic and undeterred by the changes refrain from making this position clear either.

Clearly most related forums host views hostile to the changes, but that does not mean the changes should be rolled back. The revolt has always been a rear guard action. You could stop the changes, but it will require headline making massive mutiny of USTA membership. I don't see it happening.
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