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Originally Posted by TMF View Post
We just have to disagree. I'm not basing only on Graf, but all female great players have racked up insane numbers, much higher than the male players. It is that trend that I believe it's easier to dominate in the women's tour.

It's due to having more male tennis players than female players that determined the strengh of the field. I could be wrong, but since men have always dominated the sport, it's likely there are more male athletes.
Some male players like Tilden, the Doherty's, Budge, Perry, Laver, Trabert, Riggs, Sedgman, Vines, Borg, Gonzalez and Rosewall racked up incredible numbers also. Your favorite has also and Djokovic in recent years and Nadal also.

Many of these players turned pro and weren't able to continue to win the major tournaments.
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