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Default Another Amplifeel Victim, Looking for Advice on a Control Racket

Hello all, I'm new to the posting here, but a frequent customer of TW. I echo some of the comments/reactions of others that have played with the new Prostaff 6.1 line regarding the harshness of the amplifeel technology. I am frustrated to be in this growing minority because I believe I have solid form and have good strength in my hands and forearms. I have both the 95 and 100 PSs, and have tried customization with shock shield grips, lead tape and lower tensions with soft strings. All to no avail. The difficult thing is that I hit great with the rackets and really like them. Both have been gently used and I will probably end up selling them as soon as I find a replacement. Hence the post.

I am looking for a frame with the performance of the PSs but without the after effects from the amplifeel. The crazy thing is that I have an APDGT with a full bed of RPM Blast and have no discomfort when playing with that stick! However, the APDGT does not give the control and feel I desire in a frame. Some tennis pros believe its the coretex and GT tecnology that allows the stiffer Babalot frame to be easier on my arms. So maybe something like the Pure Storm Ltd would be a good candidate for me? I will probably try to demo a few control oriented frames, so please let me know if you have any additional advice. Thanks.
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