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Tension: 51/49

Regular string set up: Weiss CANNON Scorpion 16L (1.22) String at 51

Racquet brand and model used for test: Prince Ozone Tour, Lead up to 12 Ounce

Power of test string: My first impression of the string reminds me of Match power, another German string I played, the color of which is lighter. While playtesting it, i felt the power kind of lacking, I had to make a full swing, but the control is awesome. It reminds me of Iontech Black when strung at 54 the first time I played: I could never hit it out, not due to spin, but due to lack of power...

Feel: Excellent pocketing, Great touch at net, very good control. After 3 hours of hitting, I felt no pain at wrist or shoulder. Just a bit of tiring as I tried to swing at every shot. It is also kind of mute, not sure if it is the racquet I use, which is known for its mute feeling, or the string.

Spin: With appropriate technique and the right racquet, you will get decent spin. It is nothing like tour bite or even scopion when it is fresh. Spin is something I actually miss from this string. Given that it is not shaped, nor too stiff, I did not expect the spin from this string in the first place.

Comfort: it is stiffer than the Match Power, but quite comfortable for a poly. No wrist or shoulder pain after playing.

Durability: after a weekend of playing, about 6hours, I don't see or feel too different. It looks like it could play for at least another week or so. I usually cut out poly after 10 hors of playing.

Playability Duration: I felt somewhat the same as it was freshly strung after 6 hours. It seems to hold tension really well.

Control: great control. I would say it is a perfect hybrid string with guts. Decent tension maintaining, smooth round surface, and lack of power.

Compare to the string you use most often: It is not scorpion for sure, Scorpion got decent amount of power, very good control, spin nicely when fresh. Nevertheless, the touch at net is there.

Tension recommendations: I would string lower, maybe 46 or 48 lbs. I hope it will increase the power by lowering the tension.

Summary: I felt it would be best to hybrid it with some other string or even guts. By standing alone, it require a player with apporiate swing technique, and flat hitting style. With the current price range, it would be interesting if I could try to hybrid it with Alu power rough to mute its power somewhat,increase the comfort level and maybe the spin potential too.

Overall, it is a decent string at a decent price, maybe best to hybrid with other more expensive strings to lower the overall cost.

Thank Tenniswarehouse for letting me test the string. It is always fun to test new strings.
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