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Queen in interpretation and songwriting is miles ahead of Neil Young. Neil Young was a great LYRICIST but nothing special as a songwriter.

"Somebody to Love" is a fantastic song, ALMOST as good as "Boh Rap". The same goes for "March of the Black Queen", "Innuendo" and "Millonaire Waltz". Do you think those aren't great??

Very complex, full of arrangements and a magnificent interpretation. Queen had 3 great vocalists (one was out of this world), while some bands barely have one.

And first you say you only heard ONE Kansas song, but then yoy go on and say Neil has twice as many good songs as them...How can you know if you never listened to them??

You seem to believe HITS are the best songs from their any band, and they're not. Hits are a success because they're more commercial and easy-listening for the public. Kansas has dozens of great songs. Dust In The Wind, The Wall, Point Of Know Return, Rainmaker, Miracles Out Of Nowhere, The Pinnacle, etc.
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