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Originally Posted by MarTennis View Post that many kids go to the tournaments and are not being scouted but crossed off list. Why? The tourney reveals via 1st round massacres, that their are vast numbers of uncompetitive kids at nationals. Maybe explains why those college coaches then turnaround dole out the spoils of 4.5 scholarships to international players.

All that said, I am not discouraging all of you dedicated tennis parents for working to get what you think is right. I just am buying in that regional development, less travel, more planned player physical/mental growth and development is the efficient pathway for a speculative journey.

If a successful mutiny occurs then the way I've chosen to proceed or endorse if largely unaffected.
You have some good points, but....

1) There are massacres in sectional tournaments too.
My son has played in two tournaments where it was 6-0 all the way to the finals..... So, it is on every level.

2) Kids are being scouted at tournaments, but the 16's and 18's.
I don't see them being crossed off, but analyzed for playing style and sportsmanship.

With reduced tournament draw sizes, all you have done is make it more difficult for college coaches to see American players,
and increase the likelihood of foreigners.

3) Regional play is great, but only if you are in a great section.
If not, you have doomed the kids to playing the same few kids over and over again for years and years......
A bit like the movie, Groundhogs Day, but it won't be as funny.

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