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Originally Posted by will3689 View Post
A couple of months back I felt I were playing better tennis than ever before. my ground strokes were really consistant and landed deep in the court every time. I very rarely gave away points and forced my opponents to hit winners. I have been playing almost every day but this last few weeks my game has gone gradually down hill. I'm missing really easy shots and struggling especially with fast balls approaching me. I feel I've become stiff while playing and when I let my shots go they go flying out so I've been hitting much softer. I can't get my confidence back. Has this ever happens to anyone else? How do I snap out of this? Thanks
Everyone goes through bad patches - that's normal.

Other thing is, if you've been playing a lot, maybe you are fatigued? If your arm/shoulder is tired, it causes you to make adjustments to your swing that could be causing issues, likewise if your feet are tired, your footwork suffers and leads to more errors.

Best thing might be to give it a rest for a week and recharge both physically and mentally...
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