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There probably aren't that many people that care about this string at the moment. You had 670 posts here in the first 6-months the string was out. In the last 6-months there have been 20 replies in this thread. That is usually an indication that the hype has worn off and people have realized it's just another poly.
My take is that here are so many polys out there and the folks here tend to try all of them. The bottom line with this string is that it is a very good price/performer and the RSI review also indicates the same. Folks tend also not to answer when there is 35 pages of feeback, a TW review, customer feedback and a very positive and well done RSI review to read. The regulars here are sort of sick of answering questions that have been asked over and over and over...not to mention the newbies that can't seem to do a basic search to find info. This thread has been active for almost a year. Some very good folks tested this product and they have moved on. How much can you add to a thread... buy a fews sets a low price of under $9.00 and take a chance. is not the best string in the world.. but a great string for the price.

#1 String for spin ever tested... Just another poly????


With our playtesters rating Big Hitter Black 7 well above average or better in eight out of nine categories, it’s fitting that Big Hitter Black 7’s overall average score is the tenth highest of all time. If you recommend Big Hitter Black 7 to customers looking for more spin, the combination of the geometric cross-section and the on-court performance will convince them that you know your stuff.

Playtester comments

“Who says you can’t have it all? This string has an incredible combination of spin, control, comfort, and power. It handles low tensions very well. If you haven’t tried a co-poly yet, this is where you should start.” 4.5 male all court player using Babolat Pure Drive Roddick strung at 47 pounds CP (Solinco Tour Bite 1

“This is the best poly I’ve ever used. It has amazing feel. Slice backhands are absolutely piercing. Spin artists will enjoy it more than flat hitters.” 5.5 male all court player using Wilson K Six One (16x1 strung at 55 pounds CP (Prince Synthetic Gut Original/Tecnifibre Black Code 17/17)

“This string ages nicely. After two hours, the ball starts to explode off the strings. This is recommended to players who want to know where the beef is.” 4.5 male serve-and-volley player using Head Youtek Prestige MP strung at 53 pounds CP (Wilson Hollow Core 16)

“Good feel, outstanding spin. This could be my new string.” 4.0 male all court player using Volkl V1 Classic strung at 56 pounds CP (Wilson Hyperlast Spin 19)

“This string has great bite, control, and feel. It allows you to put a ton of ‘action’ on the ball.” 6.0 male all court player using Wilson BLX Tour strung at 51 pounds CP (Wilson NXT 17)

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