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Originally Posted by Paullaconte1 View Post
Is it about money or about scheduling or both?

Some say that is about scheduling
Some are neutral
Some others do not put a big accent on this

I think it is a lot about money
One thing is sure, if he is not going to play in Basel, he will be excommunicated...

And if he is not going to play the Davis Cup?

I thought everyone knew about this, read about it the other day.

Fed gets paid $500k tax free for the event. He wants $2m. The Swiss people are ****ed at him.

The idea is that Basil is no tourney without Fed, so he can hold them hostage so to speak. The promoters said "We'll give it to him if we can get it, clearly we want him to play".

Fed denied it was about money saying he could just make it up in Asia, but it's a pretty clear picture. I'm all for guys making as much as they can, kind of dissappointing, even though it's none of my business, for him to do that.
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