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Originally Posted by Rozroz View Post
so you mean every poly is just another poly?
BHB7 has it's own characteristics and it's pretty good for a poly IMO at it's price.
now i'm confused..
well, hype or no hype even if it's a just decent good poly
i'm sure there are still enough people using it that's why i find it strange.
(or maybe i'm totally off the radar)
Most things here follow the same pattern. There is a lot of anticipation and then excitement when the new product is released. After 3-6 months the honeymoon period is over and most of those people move on to the next big thing.

The days of getting dozens of responses in this thread are long gone. The 17-ga. has only six customer reviews on the TW product page and half of them are mediocre. That's what I mean by "just another poly".

I haven't tried it which is why I also posted a question yesterday. I'm not surprised though that there aren't many people posting.
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