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Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
It gets tricky in the early 1970's.
Sure in a 3 or 4 round event, or challenge match, Laver was clearly #1 in those years, but in the big one, Wimbledon, Newk was clearly number one, and should probably get the number one unofficially.
Newk once said that tennis should be judged by the majors, because STAMINA was an important aspect of tennis dominance, and seven rounds best-of-five sets was the standard. I believe that even the US Open lowered its standards for a while, accepting best-of-three sets in early rounds for a few years. This was an advantage for the top players.

In some ways it is an advantage but over the course of five sets there are generally fewer upsets because it's harder for an inferior player to win three sets than two over a better player.
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