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this is what I do with the cotton. Take some "dental floss", pull about 25 inches then fold it in half. Now tie it to the cotton ball on one end. Now use like a popsicle stick or a wooden chopstick and mark how far you want the cotton ball to go down the handle tube. Let say you want it inject about 3 inches down the tube. Mark 3 inches on the chopstick. Now insert the cotton ball and use the chopstick to push the cotton ball down 3 inches. If you happen to go over....wa-lah...use the dental floss to pull it back a bit to adjust. Now use a sharpie and also mark the dental floss to the edge of the grip. This is so you can tell if there is any movement in the cotton ball when you inject the silicone. Now, inject the silicone. Check your weight and balance. If too much, you can pull on the dental floss to pull some silicone out. If not enough, use the chopstick to push it down even further. Adjust until you got your desire weight and balance. Then once done, you can snip the excess dental floss and put back your butt-cap cover. Hang your racquet Head up for a couple of days to a week to dry. Hope that helps.
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