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Originally Posted by Dave M View Post
We need a John Hartson, that's what i'm getting from tonights TV match
I know the feeling! It would be great if we still had Drogba, just to see what he would do with Mata, Hazard and Oscar. He didn't have that kind of service when he was here, i'd love to see him bullying both centre backs whilst they ran riot in the gaps.. ahh well.

I see the papers are laying into Chelsea already, describing how it's all fallen apart and Di Matteo will be gone soon. It's a load of crap, we're closer in the title race than I, or any 'pundit' thought at the start of the season. Whilst being in a fight to get out of the group stages of the Champions League was always likely, Shakhtar and Juventus are great teams.

The problems that the papers blame the manager for are stupid, Terry being missing and injured, Cole injured, Lampard injured, Torres as hopeless as ever, Essien and Meireles moved on. The squad is thin, hardly the managers fault.
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