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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
I think there is a big reason to go with the 2 hander if possible and I didn't see
it mentioned...although I didn't read past the part where someone was confused
on golfer's vs tennis elbow.

My reason is that Imo, one handers suffer against good first serves and even
against very good second serves in most cases. Best returners have normally been
2handers and that is part of the reason why I expect. Even Fed is limited with
what he can do against good serves to his Bh.
As has been stressed on here many times, Serve and rtns are a huge part of the
you think Fed didn't have to handle big servers to win all those tournaments? most of the time the big servers couldn't handle his low slice returns as well as Fed handled their serves. it's not given 1hbh is weaker for returns. it all depends on how well you use it.
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