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I'm resurrecting this thread because I have a related question, and a semi-related sub-question

I've just moved from Malaysia to Houston, Texas. I've found a good stringer (by all TW accounts) and sent my first racquet to him. I've asked for the same tension as was being strung in Malaysia with the same hybrid string setup: BLX Blade 98, Sensation 17 main, Dunlop Syn Gut 17 cross, 54/52lbs. The racquet came back much looser than it's Malaysian counterpart, 'RacquetTuning' in at ~44lbs after ~24hrs. The previous racquet 'Tunes' at 49lbs after two months use (it's a second Blade 98 stick). So, a difference of 5lbs at a minimum. There is a big difference in feel, which is my I checked on the tensions with RT.

Question 1: Does this seem normal? Can a different stringer + machine + technique + racquet (+ continent ?) result in such a discrepancy? I'm assuming the stringer followed my instructions.

Question 2: There are two stringers at the courts I go to, and I don't know which strung my racquet. Is it acceptable to ask who did it and request them next time for consistency, or would this be rude? Will two accomplished stringers produce a very similar result on the same equipment?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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