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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
Simply turning the hips is not coiling. Coiling is having the shoulders turned at a greater angle than the hips are turned, like a wound spring. A wound spring stores energy. It's part of an efficient kinetic chain. With no coil you have a weak link in the chain.

Look at the hips and shoulders in the vid posted earlier. no coil. I'm assuming you look similar.

Compare that to the following
Actually, unfortunately, all I hear is that I look exactly like that.

Also pretty sure my shoulders are more rotated than the hips.

But I don't have a camera to check.

Originally Posted by boramiNYC View Post
when the stance starts out more open and finish more closed the hip counter rotated. most often jump in open stance and land in neutral stance weight transferring toward front in the air. Tsonga does this most regularly and almost all pros do this.
Hmmm... In that case, I probably do this more than I think. It seems like something you would do naturally.
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