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It most definitely plays stiffer than the specs. I think its because its very head light coupled with its massive swingspeed. I can get that head moving faster than any other 98 incher. I think its the light head with the fast speed that is whats doing it.

I played all out Yesterday for 90 minutes and I feel great today. Muscle soreness but no tendon over the norm. I think I'm good, just have to lay off the poly.

As far as the cold/hot I thought that was just for sprains? I do that when ever I blow an ankle out. I thought tendons were only cold?

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The rdis100mp is a very nice racquet to play with. Unfortunately it is also very stiff. Some say it is stiffer than the specs given. I bought the rdis200mp, since it has the same specs except the stiffness (I had similar problems to yours). For some reason the weight distribution, and more importantly the power level felt different. If you are interested in trying the "softer version" of your current racquet, be sure to string it a couple of pounds tighter.

You should also try altering cold and warm water in 15 second intervals to improve elbows blood supply.

good luck!
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