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Originally Posted by joeri888 View Post
Interesting question, considering. 2011 was a breakthrough year for both Novak and Tipsy. Troicki seemed to start the season well too if I remember. 2009 was the hayday of Verdasco after that heroic 2008 DC victory of his. 2012 saw Ferrer going places he hadn't gone before after Spain's win of last year. I think with a bit of a mental issue guy like Berdych, it might actually help him some, though it's a shame for him he wasn't the true hero.

I think Stepanek might have a good AO, but its a slow slow court and his game is just too full of holes. On the Prague court however, there's no player who'd have a great day against him.
Well, in truth, everyone knows Berdych was the MAN in 2012 as far as winning and carrying the team to the final and to the davis cup win. Just cause he didn't win that ONE match against Ferrer doesn't really mean anything in the big picture. Berdy is really the reason that team won the davis cup in 2012. They all know that.
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