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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Head MicroGelRadOS.
It's still OS, but very soft flexy for control and feel.
This is a pretty good idea.
And... I know you didn't ask and these types of responses can be... uh... clichéd, but...
I think a legit 3.5 player should be able to find the sweet spot consistently if in position. It may be that you're trying too hard to generate tons of topspin and that stroke may not be natural for you. A good teacher would really help here.
In terms of footwork, here's something that might be worth thinking about. Every time you hit a shot, understand where the high percentage responses are going to go. For example, if you hit deep, cross court shots, you don't need to return to the middle of the court in preparation for your next shot. In fact, you shouldn't necessarily ever be in the middle of the court. Keep a yard to the crosscourt side on deep safe shots and a yard toward the down the line side if your shot is shorter, because your opponent's higher percentage shot is going there.
Anyway.... Back to your problem . I'd recommend trying a heavier, player's frame because you won't be able to brush up the ball as easily as a lighter frame that's designed to do that. You may find that a more traditional stroke fits your game better. Try something with an 18 X 20 pattern, as they have more control.
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