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Originally Posted by BirdieLane View Post
So of our 100000 players, 10000 have 1BH and 90000 have 2BH.

So at the pro level players that made it are:

1BH: 23/10000 = 0.2300%
2BH: 77/90000 = 0.0856%

So, with my (inflated?) 10% of juniors playing with 1BH assumption, the 1BH player has a 3x better chance of making top 100!? (More if my 10% is high, less if my 10% is low)

Im sure there are flaws here, so have at it.
I think you may have a good point.
My theory is that for the tiny portion of the extremely talented that could become pros, the variety of possible shots and the processes that you have to go through as you develop to have a really good one-handed backhand help the player progress.
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